Reform of International Institution

Found tree websites working toward a Reform of the International Institutions.

First: reform of International Institutions. They write about themselves: This is a campaign promoted by a number of actors in world civil society in response to the serious problems the world faces today. As part of it, we claim our democratic right to take part in the global decisions that affect our lives.

Second: Reform They write of themselves: Our website enables users to consult many different resources on the subject of reform of the system of international institutions, including ACTORS, EVENTS and DOCUMENTS related to different reform THEMES. The site’s objective is to bring together information about reform of the international institutions. The editors do not necessarily share the opinions expressed by actors or in documents mentioned.

Third: UBUNTU Forum . The Ad Hoc Secretariat was constituted – under the leadership of the president of the initiative, Federico Mayor Zaragoza – within the UNESCO Chair in Technology, Sustainable Development, Imbalances and Global Change at the Technical University of Catalonia. It is coordinated by Professor Josep Xercavins i Valls and also comprise Lluís Miret, Manuel Manonelles and Núria Molina. Address: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Jordi Girona 29 Ed. Nexus II, 08034 Barcelona, Spain; Tel: 34/ 93 413 77 73; Fax: 34/ 93 413 77 77;
E-mail: Josep Xercavins i Valls

On 23 – 24 June, ‘informal interactive Hearings’ between representatives of Civil Society and Member States will be held at the United Nations headquarters in New York, which the President of the UN General Assembly will organise and convene as one of the steps in the preparatory process for the High Level Plenary Meeting of the UN General Assembly, to be held on 14 – 16 September, also at the headquarters in New York. Informations at

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