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Welcome to our Website. We hope that what you experience here will further your involvement in promoting Peace & Democracy in the sub-continent.

The initiative towards formation of Pakistan-India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy was taken in late 1993 and the first joint declaration was announced on September 4, 1994 at Lahore. The objective of this initiative was to facilitate common people in both the countries to listen to voices that are different from the belligerent voices of the respective Governments … (About 1/2).

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Contact/addresses: PIPFPD Secretariat / Indian Chapter: A-1/125 Second Floor, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, 110 029, India, Tel: 51652451/52, Fax: 51013382. e-mail;

PIPFPD / Pakistan: 11-Temple Road, Lahore, Pakistan, Phone: 0092-42-7357926, Fax: 0092-42-7223455, e-mail.

(About 2/2): It is with the objective of asserting the sanity of the peace loving people of India and Pakistan that concerned citizens and groups in both the countries have come together to formulate strategies for promoting peace and strengthen democracy in the sub-continent.

Democratic rights activists, business people, trade unionist, environmentalists, women’s movements, artists, writers, social workers, professionals, academicians, students, scientists and mass movements have joined hands in a concerted attempt to persuade their respective governments to enter into meaningful negotiations and adopt policies that will reduce tensions and pave way for lasting peace and friendship. To this end, the Forum has organised so far six Joint Conventions, the first in Delhi February 1995, the second in Lahore in November 1995, the third in Calcutta in December 1996, the fourth in Peshawar in November 1998, the fifth in Bangalore in April 2000 and the sixth in Karachi in December 2003. Each convention was attended by an average of 350 delegates – from both the countries – in historic meetings that discussed five major issues:

  • (I) War, de-militarisation, peace and peace dividends;
  • (II) Democratic solution to Kashmir problem;
  • (III) Democratic Governance;
  • (IV) Religious intolerance in India and Pakistan; and
  • (V) Globalisation and Regional Cooperation. The last was added at the 5th joint convention in Bangalore.

In all the six joint conventions, the themes were discussed in groups and in plenaries and specific recommendations were made. At the end of each Joint Convention common resolutions and declarations were made. Copies of which were sent to both the Governments.

Some of the salient points of the five themes: … (full long text).

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