Great Schools Partnership

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The Great Schools Partnership, Inc. is a nonprofit school-support organization committed to redesigning public education to improve the quality of learning for all students. Our focus is not on a single classroom, school, or district, but we work at all levels of the educational system—from the classroom to the statehouse—in the effort to shape America’s finest secondary schools … (about 1/2).

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Address: Great Schools Partnership, Inc., 482 Congress Street, Suite 500, Portland, ME 04101, USA;

About 2/2: … With decades of collective service in support of public schools, we offer school coaching, professional development, and technical assistance to educators, schools, districts, and state agencies.

We also develop cutting-edge tools and resources, conduct and publish school-based research, and oversee the implementation of major public and private grants. The Great Schools Partnership is a National Affiliate Center of the Coalition of Essential Schools and the lead coordinator of the
New England Secondary School Consortium.

Our Vision:

We envision an equitable, rigorous, and personalized education system that prepares every student for college, work, and global citizenship.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to develop and advocate for sustainable educational policies, effective school leadership, proven instructional practices, and student-centered learning models built on strong community connections.

Our Core Beliefs:

The Great Schools Partnership stands behind the following core beliefs:

  • Every student deserves to be held to high expectations.
  • High-quality teaching and learning is every student’s right, every day.
  • A collegiate education must be an accessible and attainable option for every student who has earned a high school diploma.
  • Schools must model civic responsibility, social justice, and multicultural understanding.

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