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Quitpaxil is a one-man show, run out of a study somewhere in Halifax. However, over the years, this site has had help from all over the world. These pages would not be the same without the time and money spent by many others. There are a variety of ways in which you can help. Some are more obvious then others:

  • 1. Get the Quitpaxil book and ‘pay what you can’. Any money earned through sales will allow me to take time-off from web design and spend time answering letters and doing further research.
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Address: Frank W. Streicher, 2-5562 Bloomfield St., Halifax, NS, B3K 1S9, CANADA;

About this Site: After a five month stint on Paxil, I decided that I has served my time as a eunuch and started to wean off the drug in the Spring of 1999. 

All hell broke loose. Having ruled out all other possibilities , I began to suspect that I was going through some form of withdrawal. An extensive search on the net yielded absolutely nothing on the subject. Since I could not sleep and was taking some design courses at the time, I decided to set up a small site which would document the symptoms that I was experiencing.

A few months later, much to my surprise, letters started to trickle in:

the search engine at AOL had picked up the site. Another year later it became apparent that the number of people that were experiencing a similar reaction was actually much higher than I had ever guessed. At the same time, lawyers from around the US were beginning to call. In order to centralize the information which I had gathered, the second version of the site took shape. Shortly thereafter, thanks to a generous donation by Phil Siegrist, the site got its domain name and an ad free space. Shortly, thereafter, I developed the third version.

In 2004, the name of the site was changed from quitpaxil.org to quitpaxil.info for technical reasons (it since has reverted back to quitpaxil.org). The fourth version of the site, was meant to be the last. However, since the demand for the information is still as strong as ever, I decided to give the site a revamp in November of 2009.

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