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MiddleWeb provides a wealth of resources for schools, districts, educators, parents, and public school advocates working to raise achievement for all students in the middle grades … (Who we are 1/2).

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Who we are 2/2: … MiddleWeb was established in 1996 with grant support from the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s Program for Student Achievement which focused its grantmaking on middle school improvement.

In July 2003, MiddleWeb’s grant support ended. We are now supported by a single advertiser, Stenhouse Publishers, and by the volunteer efforts of members of the MiddleWeb Community. If you like our site and would like to show your support, we invite you to examine the excellent professional books offered by Stenhouse by “clicking through” their advertisements on our website.

In addition to MiddleWeb’s large collection of reform-oriented materials, this site includes hundreds of articles and links about curriculum, teaching strategies, teacher professional development, parent involvement, classroom assessment, and much more. Visit our site map or try our search!

A project supported by the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, which is dedicated to reform and innovation in middle schools, with an emphasis on urban issues. Lots of good links to other online resources.

MiddleWeb Editor John Norton.

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