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ANTI-WAR.US is dedicated to the free distribution of anti-war graphic material. As creative individuals trained in methods of mass communication, we can make a real difference by providing clear anti-war messages. All materials on this site are created voluntarily and distributed free to activists around the world.

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  • Upload your artwork on the site by completing our online form; or E-mail your artwork;
  • Be sure to include the artwork title in your message.

The following additional information is not required, but appreciated:

  • Your name;
  • Organization you wish to be identified with;
  • Your home city, state/province, and country of residence;
  • Intended uses of your artwork, for example: poster, flyer, postcard, sticker, etc.

Our goal is to provide print-ready graphics to activists. To ensure the widest possible distribution of your work, please follow these guidelines:

  • Save as Portable Document Format (PDF), Tagged Image File Format (TIFF), GIF, or JPEG;
  • Resolution: 300 dots per inch (dpi) for print-based works, 72 dpi for online works 2.5 megabytes (MB) or less in size;
  • For higher-quality scaling and smaller files, consider outline (vector-based) output.

LEGAL STATEMENT: Submitting any artwork, email, letter or other form of communication to
for consideration constitutes an agreement by you that such works may be reproduced by Plazm Media, Inc. on this site or in any future publications. Use by Plazm Media, Inc. is fair use under copyright laws and such use will not affect or alter the submittee’s copyright ownership rights. No work submitted shall be used for commercial purposes that do not directly benefit anti-war cause related activities. (

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