Inside Africa Foundation IAF

Primarily, Inside Africa Foundation is a private tuition enterprise established to encourage children between the ages of 5-12 years to develop a reading culture. Inside Africa Foundation offers courses designed to prevent reading and literacy difficulties among children in Zimbabwe … (full text about).

Reading Expeditions; Voluntary Opportunities;

IAF Highlights: We have recruited the best and passionate graduate tutors who are trained to get the best out of children using international reading methods.  

We prefer working with children in low ratio to get the balance between attention and independent learning.

Our Learning Environment

  • We have created a more relaxed environment to encourage children to relax while putting maximum effort into their learning activities. We celebrate success at every opportunity. Children like to be praised and rewarded when they have done well. For every good work they accomplish, we issue certificates and prizes.

Parental Involvement

  • We like parents to get involved as much as possible. By holding regular meeting with parents, we have an opportunity to their children’s reading progress and plan their pathway.

Relationship with Schools

  • Inside Africa Foundation seeks to become a centre for highly prepared children to support. Our aim is to work with local schools to ensure that we don’t step out of the curriculum.

Our Promise

  • We strongly believe that every child deserves the right to education and access to education without prejudice. Ironically, often those children that need help and support in achieving this foundation for a productive and happy life receive the least education.
  • We seek to deliver on our promises to children in Southern Africa and other parts of Africa, so with our expertise and a dedicated team of people working to create innovative ways of finding reading solutions, we aim to always be the first point of call for children in Zimbabwe with complex reading needs.
  • We gain inspiration from everyone we work with, recognising how strong children can be if they truly believe in their own power to overcome reading problems. Every child we deal with is always seen as an individual so our reading methods always adapt to meet their needs every time. It is our hope that over two million children will benefit from this program by the year 2016.

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