Transmission Rebuilders Network Worldwide TRNW

The Transmission Rebuilders Network Worldwide, is an International network of transmission professionals … (about /Company Profile).

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About /Company Profile: … This network interacts on every aspect of a transmission shop. Topics of discussion include; 

  • Rebuilding Tips
  • Diagnostic Routines
  • Troubleshooting Tough Electrical Problems
  • Locating Hard To Find Parts
  • Homemade Tools
  • Shop Equipment
  • Managing Employees
  • Warranty Issues
  • Manufacturer Information
  • And MUCH MORE!

TRNW members share knowledge, experience, and advice on the science of rebuilding automatic transmissions, and the art of managing a transmission shop. It is also a forum for direct contact with after-market and equipment suppliers to the industry. Often a manufacturer is able to answer a question that a member has on a product or the availability of a product.

TRNW has a close following of experienced professionals who have communicated over the web for over a decade. Our tech forum is the most active and informative transmission message board available anywhere. Since the member base is growing rapidly, the quality of the advice available here is priceless. TRNW invites you to try our service and see for yourself how valuable of a tool it can be … (full text about).

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