start, join and win campaigns for social change – Linked on our blogs (on April 28) with U.S. Congresswoman Condemns Chinese Attack on

Every day, across the world, people like you start campaigns on to fight for issues they care about — and the team works to mobilize people to help them win … (about 1/2).
Petitions to free Ai Wei Wei: on Call for the Release of Ai WeiWei. But also on China Digital Times, on Imagine Peace IP, on, on ArtInfo (resp. in the air), and many more on Google Web-search.

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About 2/2: … We believe that building momentum for social change globally means empowering citizen activists locally. That’s why anyone, anywhere — from Chicago to Cape Town – can start their own grassroots campaign for change using our organizing platform. 

Your campaign can be about anything. From supporting curbside recycling programs to fighting wrongful deportation to protecting against anti-gay bullying, members start campaigns around thousands of different issues. To start your own campaign, just click here.

Our mission is to build an international network of people empowered to fight for what’s right locally, nationally, and globally. We hope you’ll join us.

How we help you succeed:

  • Tools: We provide the best advocacy tools in the world to you — for free. This starts with our email petition tool, and will soon expand to a full suite of tools for online and offline campaigning.
  • Support: We have a team of the world’s best organizers who provide free training, advice, and strategic support to people who start campaigns.
  • Scale: We can help your campaign win by promoting it to interested members, connecting you to potential partners, and assisting you with media outreach and target negotiation strategy.

Our collective impact:

  • Ultimately, the measure of our community’s success is our collective impact — our ability to identify problems, mobilize people, and create real change.
  • From the first day we launched, members have won hundreds of campaigns in their neighborhoods, towns, and cities. Each victory doesn’t just overcome an isolated case of inequality or injustice — it allows people to view important issues through a tangible, often personal lens, inspiring them to take further action and helping to build the deep commitment, connections, and momentum necessary to make ever-larger change possible.

Click here to see the victories achieved by the community.

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