ETTA projects – out of hunger, On to Hope

Mission: Etta Projects empowers Bolivian families to transcend poverty by offering education, economic opportunities and a supportive community to women and by providing balanced meals, vitamins and basic preventative healthcare to their children.
Vision: Etta Projects envisions a Bolivia in which hunger does not interfere with daily life. (About 1/2).

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(About 2/2):
Etta Projects strives to serve those most drastically affected by poverty. We believe that our energy and resources are best used to provide the most impoverished Bolivian children with nutritious meals, and to offer nutrition, hygiene, and economic development classes for their mothers, allowing families to realize immediate, drastic improvement to their situation.

As mothers see their children receive nutritious meals each day at Comedor de Niños Etta Turner, their minds and energy are freed to begin to take the necessary steps out of poverty. As each child’s health improves, a mother’s hope grows, allowing her to believe her family’s life can be better and that she has the power to attain that goal. We then provide mothers with economic training, work possibilities and access to micro finance programs.

Etta Projects is dedicated to the memory of Etta Turner, who, at the time of her death at sixteen, left a legacy of inspiration and caring that spanned three continents. At her home in Port Orchard, Washington, her incisive sarcasm, her whimsical wit and her genuine joie de vivre led a generation of her peers to cast off convention, be themselves and be happy. During her travels with her family in Kenya, she was ever waylaid to share a smile, a touch and a conversation with whomever she chanced across. As a Rotary exchange student in Bolivia, even while homesick and frustrated, she impressed everyone with her undaunted approach to life — gentle and attentive, irreverent and enthusiastic … (full text).

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