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A nonprofit media center, The Nation Institute was established to extend the reach of progressive ideas and strengthen the independent press. Our dynamic range of programs include a bestselling book publishing imprint, Nation Books; our award-winning Investigative Fund, which supports groundbreaking investigative journalism; our nationally televised town hall meetings and debates; the widely read and syndicated website TomDispatch; our internship program at The Nation magazine; and Journalism Fellowships that fund up to 25 high-profile reporters every year … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … Nation Books is one of the leading independent publishers of serious nonfiction in America. 

Dedicated to continuing this country’s long tradition of progressive thought, our titles focus on current events and politics, international relations, the environment, corporate crime, religion, culture, and economics. Founded in 2000, Nation Books has become one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful imprints in independent publishing.

The goal of the imprint is to produce authoritative books by leading writers and thinkers that break new ground and shed light on current social and political issues. We publish established authors who are leaders in their area of expertise, but also endeavor to cultivate a new generation of emerging and talented journalists. With each of our books we aim to impact cultural and political discourse and to help affect positive social change.

The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute is dedicated to improving the scope and overall quality of investigative reporting in the independent press and beyond. The Investigative Fund incubates and supports important investigative stories with the potential for social impact, particularly on issues that may be bypassed by the mainstream media. The Investigative Fund does this by providing reporters with editorial guidance, institutional support, and grants to cover the research costs associated with investigative journalism., a reguar antidote to the mainstream media:

Tom Engelhardt launched in November 2001 as an e-mail publication offering commentary and collected articles from the world press. In December 2002, it gained its name, became a project of The Nation Institute, and went online as “a regular antidote to the mainstream media.” The site now features Tom Engelhardt’s regular commentaries and the original work of authors ranging from Rebecca Solnit, Bill McKibben, and Mike Davis to Chalmers Johnson, Michael Klare, Andrew Bacevich, Robert Lipsyte, and Barbara Ehrenreich. Nick Turse, who also writes for the site, is associate editor and research director … (full long text about).

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