Peace Building Initiative

a project of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection PHAP

The Introduction to Peacebuilding section aims to provide a concise overview of international peacebuilding, with a particular emphasis on the history of the notion, its core components and the main debates surrounding it. The section presents a wide array of perspectives and the evolution of thinking and practice that are shaping the course of peacebuilding … (full text Introduction to Peacebuilding).

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Cross-Cutting Challenges /Confronting Transversal Issues: The Cross-cutting Challenges sections aim to deal with overarching issues and methodological challenges that are present in all sectors of activities. 

Indeed, whereas the prevailing approach to peacebuilding has been to conceptualize it along sectoral categories, an overemphasis on a “sectoral” perspective may cause peacebuilders to lose sight of the broader picture and pay insufficient attention to crucial interaction effects and linkages among different initiatives, across sectors. Moreover, a sectoral approach offers little guidance as to the sequencing of peacebuilding activities.

The Cross-cutting Challenges section of this peacebuilding portal will focus on five clusters, listed on the right.

These sub-sections are meant to be further developed as based on the research and findings of the thematic sections . It is anticipated that in each sub-section, the portal will provide a synthesis of the most recent research and discussions as well as concrete guidelines and working tools for practitioners. Development of the thematic areas is slated for 2009.

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