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  • Nearly 3,000 students in the 16-state SREB region drop out of high school every school day.
  • Nationally, about one in four high school students leaves each year without earning a diploma. And many of those who do graduate do not have the reading, writing and math skills to succeed in college and careers — even though our competitive economy now demands more education than ever before … (about /Who we are 1/2).

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About /Who we are 2/2: … The Southern Regional Education Board is helping states solve these problems. SREB is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works with 16 member states to improve public pre-K-12 and higher education. 

Founded by the region’s governors and legislators in 1948, SREB was America’s first interstate compact for education. Today it is the only regional education compact that works directly with state leaders, schools and educators to improve teaching, learning and student achievement at every level of education.

From Texas to Delaware, these efforts are paying off. When SREB began, statewide prekindergarten was nonexistent. Few adults in the region had college degrees. Today, SREB’s member states lead the nation in public prekindergarten enrollment. High school graduation rates have gone up in most SREB states over the last decade. About one in four adults in the region has a bachelor’s degree. And the momentum continues to grow.

Among its many programs and initiatives, SREB:

  • gives legislators and other state leaders the information they need to create sound education policies and take effective action
  • reports state progress on student achievement
  • collects and analyzes comparable data on pre-K-20 education
  • works directly in schools to improve schools and school leadership
  • trains thousands of educators annually in best practices
  • increases students’ access to online learning and adult education
  • provides extensive resources for both classroom and online teachers.

SREB’s mission is ambitious: to help SREB states lead the nation in educational progress. The SREB Challenge to Lead Goals for Education, adopted by a distinguished panel of state leaders in 2002, call for nothing less.

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