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Despite an increasingly global and connected network of human rights organizations, strategic and tactical isolation remains a constant challenge to activists across the world.  Confronted with local challenges, groups often resort to “reinventing the wheel” or deploying known tactics that, while familiar, may not offer the best possible solutions.  The creative innovations of one group often remain invisible to others, and these actions therefore fail to enter the collective tool kit of global advocacy … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … Since 1999, the New Tactics in Human Rights Project has worked to provide resources to human rights advocates that offer innovative tactical solutions for confronting specific local challenges. 

These resources enable activists to map the unique challenges specific to their site of intervention, identify approaches that have worked in other contexts in order to adapt and implement these tactics locally.

The New Tactics Project conducts its work in three ways:

  • 1. dialogue bubbleThe interactive website offers an online community of more than 2500 human rights practitioners in more than 130 countries.  Users have access to a database of over 190 specific and successfully-implemented human rights tactics.  The website hosts peer-to-peer exchange through monthly Tactical Dialogues, forming an online global community of human rights advocacy.
  • 2. gearsNew Tactics provides in-person training, such as the international symposium held in Turkey which brought together 450 human rights activists from 89 different countries. New Tactics has also provided small grants and technical assistance to more than 50 groups, allowing them to reach more than 8,000 other activists and 80,000 general audience members via radio, newspaper, and internet.
  • 3. light bulb New Tactics creates and distributes publications which offer conceptual frameworks for thinking about tactics and strategy in promoting human rights. The project’s 48 Tactical Notebooks provide first-person, detailed information on the use of a tactic and how it may be adapted to other situations.

New Tactics resources have been in growing demand from activists around the world, and this has translated into real-world indications of the project’s impact, such as:

  • A group of Mongolian activists working on the Convention of Disability switch to higher visibility tactics to attract public attention and media coverage.
  • A Slovak organization using a Korean approach for preventing corruption in local government.
  • A Macedonian group increasing the representation of women in Parliament by modifying a Dutch mobile phone tactic to mobilize constituents.

The New Tactics in Human Rights Project is led by a diverse group of partner international organizations, advisors and practitioners. The project is coordinated by the Center for Victims of Torture and grew out of its experience as a creator of new tactics and a treatment center that also advocates for the protection of human rights from a unique position—one of healing and reclaiming civic leadership. We hope you will join us and the New Tactics community in developing, using and promoting strategic and tactical thinking within the broad human rights community.

For a quick introduction on the goal of New Tactics, watch our video on YouTube … (full text).

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