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Our Mission: The World Education Forum aims to work to reinforce the concept of education as a fundamental human right and a key for sustainable development, for the establishment of peace and stability among countries and of a cooperative world community. It seeks to foster improvements in education policies and practices to meet the individual and shared educational needs of people of all ages … (Mission, Vision 1/2).

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Mission, Vision 2/2: … /The specific goals of the WEF are the following: 

  • To provide a meeting space marked by the diversity of its representatives and themes, while also by the convergence of hopes and fights for societies and a world where there is more justice, more democracy, and more solidarity.
  • To generate new and expanded high quality educational knowledge and tools for the promotion of greater social justice and equity between nations. The WEF will emphasize knowledge, skills and values related to environmental, economic and social sustainability.
  • To explore how individuals and organizations involved in the WEF can become experienced change agents and change advocates, to the extent that they can help effect qualitative improvements in teaching, educational policies, school and community dynamics.
  • To build and sustain new and strong alliances for mobilization and effective action between national, regional and international social movements and educational organizations. This should bring about intensified social, educational, cultural interaction, dialogue, solidarity between respective movements and organizations.
  • To act as a space for the eventual launching of world wide campaigns such as campaigns against: the commodification and privatization of education, the political instrumentalization of education, etc., campaigns for national Palestinian rights, women’s rights, and human rights in education, as well as new media campaigns which portray non-violent alternatives, for example.
  • To strengthen social, educational, cultural interaction, dialogue and solidarity amongst national, regional and international social movements and educational organizations.


  • We organize this Forum in order to gather diverse participants who may generate high quality educational knowledge, and campaigns and tools in promoting greater social justice, equity, and human dignity, liberation and development. We are determined to promote the right to quality education for all, and the equality of access and rights in education especially across genders.
  • We wholeheartedly believe that education can be a change agent, providing every participant in the educational process with greater opportunities for seeking solutions to their own problems, and leading to fostering changes for a better future.


Maghreb Machrek seminar, Rabat- Marocco 5-6 may 2009 and World Educational Forum Palestine 2009:  Rafat Sabrah director of the “Teacher Creativity Center Palestine and president of Alternative International , told us his impression about the Maghreb Mashrek forum and the project of the World Educational Social Forum that should be realize next year in Palestine and the role of culture and education in the Palestine …


WSF 2010 Dakar.

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