Stop the Silence

Stop Child Sexual Abuse

Stop the Silence® is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)3 organization working with others toward the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse … Stop the Silence is pleased to be able to offer organizations a tested and available program to train various types of service providers about the realities of CSA, dealing sensitively with survivors, and CSA prevention. Contact Pamela Pine to inquire how your organization can benefit from this training.


What is Child sexual abuse and how common is it;
You can help, an overview;
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About: The mission of Stop the Silence is two-fold:

  • to increase awareness about and conduct programming to address the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse (CSA),
  • to address the relationships between this issue and the broader issues of overall family and community violence.

This mission underlines the importance of a shift in focus on positive development within our overall social complexes (e.g., the relationships between men and women, adults and children, cultural groups) to hinder violence-prone relationships. Our goal is to stop CSA and related forms of violence by changing societal relationships among and between groups.

The history of Stop the Silence: … (full text).

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