provides current and prospective investors with information on the fast-growing UK social business sector … (full text Homepage and more links).

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About: Our Aim: We want to be the site that gives investors better access than exists anywhere else to intelligent commentary on the social business sector and information about the companies within it. We would like this site to be as useful as possible to the investor and to social businesses and so welcome suggestions on how we could improve our offering.

Background: Companies in the social business sector are poorly served (or not served at all) by financial commentators. We consider this lack of information to be a considerable obstacle to investment. We have built because we believe that it will facilitate the flow of much-needed investment into the sector.

Principles: During the development of this website we have tried to adhere to the following principles: … (full text).


Social Entrepreneurship driven by Web 2.0;

Social Entrepreneurship on wikipedia.

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