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Homepage: More than 2000 people a day use our free information clearinghouse site to:

  • find advice about problems they face by browsing our 15,000 article links (categorized by topic and country/state);
  • get profiles of almost 10,000 people, publications, and organizations involved in fairness issues;
  • learn about important fairness issues of the day.

We hope you too will find the site reliable, objective, and (most importantly) helpful.

In early 2008 we’ll unveil a unique Election 2008 service; register here so we can keep you informed about exciting new developments!

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addr4esse: Fairness.com LLC, PO Box 6970, Charlottesville, VA, 22906-6970 USA (scroll down);

About: 2008 will be the watershed year for Fairness.com; we have very exciting plans for Election 2008. If you have “political junkie” tendencies and/or want to raise the level of American political debate please use our contact form to let us know of your potential interest in our innovative new program. Details to be announced early next year.

In the years that the site has been “live” a large group of interns and I have focused on information infrastructure, building an extensive, heavily indexed/categorized database of:

  • thousands of articles on almost every conceivable fairness topics — legal, political, personal finance, consumer protection, family relationships, etc. etc.;
  • people, publications, and organized involved in fairness-relevant work or controversies.

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