National Association of Friendship Centres

OUR MISSION  is to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal peoples in an urban environment by supporting self-determined activities which encourage equal access to, and participation in, Canadian Society; and which respect and strengthen the increasing emphasis on Aboriginal cultural distinctiveness.

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About: he National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) was established in 1972 to represent the growing number of Friendship Centres, at the national level.

Currently, the NAFC represents the concerns of 99 core funded and 15 non-core funded Friendship Centres, as well as 7 Provincial Territorial Associations (PTA’s), across Canada.

The primary objectives are: to act as a central unifying body for the Friendship Centre Movement: to promote and advocate the concerns of Aboriginal Peoples: and, to represent the needs of local Friendship Centres across the country to the federal government and to the public in general.

The NAFC is a non-profit organization governed by a voluntary Board of Directors comprised of eleven regional representatives and a youth representative. There is also a four member Executive Committee, comprised of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

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