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PeaceAfrica – supporting Africa’s Peacebuilders – is a Website created by

… AllAfrica Global Media is a multi-media content service provider, systems technology developer and the largest electronic distributor of African news and information worldwide. Registered in Mauritius, with offices in Johannesburg, Dakar, Lagos and Washington, D.C., AllAfrica is one of a family of companies that aggregate, produce and distribute news from across Africa to tens of millions of end users … (allAfrica /Who we are 1/2).

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Contact online /Feedback for both. /Who we are 2/2: … This website,, is among the Internet’s largest content sites, posting over 1000 stories daily in English and French and offering a diversity of multi-lingual streaming programming as well as over 900,000 articles in our searchable archive (which includes the archive of Africa News Service dating from 1997).  

Strategic alliances with media and information technology companies, such as Comtex News Network, Radio France Internationale, and the BBC, extend AllAfrica’s global reach. Content agreements with over 130 African news organizations generate steady revenues for the content partners and give them, in turn, access to the prize-winning reporting of the AllAfrica team.

The AllAfrica family includes AllAfrica, Inc., registered in Delaware, and the AllAfrica Foundation, a non-profit organization that sponsors the Charlayne Hunter-Gault Fellowship for African women journalists, and operates and, digital commons for African development and peace networks, as well as a new multimedia HealthAfrica initiative.

Global Audience:

  • AllAfrica’s reach is worldwide. The growing website serves over 12 million monthly page views (over 100 million monthly “hits”). More than 14,000 other web sites carry AllAfrica’s constantly updating headline modules or otherwise link to the site. The AllAfrica News Wire offers premium business feeds and continuously refreshing news for wireless devices such as cell phones and handheld organizers and supplies commercial clients worldwide through such services as LexisNexis, Bloomberg, Financial Times Information, Factiva (Reuters and Dow Jones) and L’ Européenne des Données, which together reach tens of millions of end users.

Technology Services and Infrastructure.

  • AllAfrica’s technology services and infrastructure division, called Xymbol, commercializes the company’s core technology platform, providing flexible, scalable and interoperable solutions for data management, content delivery, work-flow management, transactional functionality and transference across platforms. Built on best-of-breed, open-source technologies, AllAfrica’s modular, customized solutions offer clients maximum control and compatibility with existing and future systems, whether open source or proprietary.
  • The power and efficiency of the core technology – which allows AllAfrica to operate with a fraction of the staff and budget of news companies of similar scope – is coming to be recognized as a unique resource with broad applicability. Clients include major organizations with complex, sophisticated technology demands, including those outside the sectors of Africa-interest or media.Currently, AllAfrica is seeking partners for our planned development of network infrastructure and peered data hubs in key African locations, designed to streamline access and download time for our partners and customers, but also extendable as a community resource. The initiative will bring next-generation content-delivery services to select major cities and will connect those services to data centers elsewhere in the world.
  • In short, AllAfrica is the entry point to a global, Africa-interested audience, as well as a pioneering set of technologies that addresses a significant marketplace gap for secure, accessible and cost-effective transactions and data management.

Heritage: … (full long text).

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