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There are countless places around the world where children and adults engage in philosophical inquiry together�a practice at least as old as Socrates. Since 1974 the IAPC at Montclair State University and its Affiliate Centers have been largely responsible for the proliferation of Philosophy for Children (P4C) programs in schools and other settings around the world … (full text, the world of P4C).

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Contact and address: IAPC, Montclair State University, University Hall 2151, Montclair, NJ 07043, USA, Tel: 973-655-4278, e-mail the IAPC.

About: Since its inception in 1974, the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children has pursued a three-fold mission:

  • Inquiry into Educational Philosophy. The Institute conducts, sponsors and advises theoretical scholarship and empirical research in teaching pre-college philosophy, and in educational philosophy, defined as the use of philosophy for obtaining educational objectives including multi-dimensional thinking, social inquiry, collective self-governance, emotional sensibility, and moral and aesthetic judgment.
  • Philosophy for Children Programming. The Institute provides systematic curriculum materials in Philosophy for Children, and offers a number of forums of teacher preparation in the use of this curriculum, with emphasis on the pedagogy of the Community of Inquiry.
  • Educational Reform. The Institute contributes to initiatives of educational reform consistent with the educational commitments specified above.

The primary constituency the IAPC aims to serve is schoolchildren�from pre-schoolers to highschoolers and from schools close to the Institute to schools in the 40-odd nations with active Philosophy for Children centers. In addition to working directly with schoolchildren, members of the IAPC work with several constituencies, including professional and pre-professional educators, educational administrators and policy-makers, and faculty and students of education, philosophy and related disciplines.

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