in french: Certificat suisse de qualité pour les institutions de formation continue – in german: Schweizerisches Qualitätszertifikat für Weiterbildungsinstitutionen – in italian: Certificato svizzero di qualità per istituzioni di formazione continua.

Quality – Transparency – Comparability in Further Education: The eduQua-Certificate: labels a good quality institute in further education; contributes to securing and developing quality of institutes in further education; adds more tranparency for clients. Find here: … (full text english Homepage).

Good Grades …; Target Groups; Partners; Use it; Certification; Institutes; Client’s checklist; FAQs;
Address: eduQua Agency, Oerlikonerstrasse 38, 8057 Zürich, Switzerland;
Contact online and feedback.

The Label: Through eduQua, the first Swiss quality label geared towards adult continuing education was established. 

eduQua provides certified institutions with a considerable advantage in the eyes of their clients.  Not only does it come with a positive image, but the quality management also sees a strong improvement through the certification’s execution.

Additionally, the certification proves to be an advantage when dealing with the authorities: in increasingly more cantons, the certification is a requirement for public funding.  The Swiss Conference of the Cantonal Educating Directors recommends that the cantons check “the quality of theproviders in the education sector in all of Switzerland based on the same criteria and make national subsidies dependent on a proof of quality (eduQua)”.

eduQua is made up of over 990 schools, institution and academies in all of Switzerland.

The eduQua label sets and reviews minimum criteria for the quality of continuing adult education..

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