Responsible Debt Relief RDR Institute

The Leader in Consumer Finance Innovation, FOUNDER & CEO Robert D. Manning, Author of Credit Card Nation – Linked on our blogs with Credit Card Nation.

  • RDR is a non-profit organization dedicated to the objective and empirical assessment of consumer debt capacity that provides the basis for innovative loan underwriting based on a net cash flow position of individuals and households.
  • RDR also serves as a clearing house for matching appropriate debt repayment programs based on household repayment capability. The RDR Institute works closely with commercial banks, credit unions, consumer credit counseling service organizations, partial payment debt resolution companies and bankruptcy practitioners to provide the most appropriate debt resolutions services based on consumer repayment capability … (full text who we are).

Bankruptcy Avoidance Program
; Debt Resolution Plan; Media; a Video, 2.08 min; Loan underwriting; Links FTC: Abusive Debt, Relief;
Address: Responsible Debt Relief RDR, 1100 University Avenue, Suite 209, Rochester, NY 14607, USA;
Contact, Phone 1-585-563-7675, Fax 1-585-385-6227.

Background: … Dr. Manning Submits Comment to FTC Regarding Proposed Amendment to the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule to Address the Sale of Debt Relief Services.

Author of the widely acclaimed book Credit Card Nation; The Consequences of America’s Addiction to Credit (Basic Books, 2000), which received the 2001 Robert Ezra Park Award for Outstanding Contribution to Sociological Practice, Dr. Manning is a specialist in consumer finance, deregulation of retail banking, comparative economic development, immigration, ethnic/race relations and globalization.

Dr. Manning is a Fellow of the Filene Research Institute and past Director of the Center for Consumer Financial Services at Rochester Institute of Technology. Dr. Manning’s research has influenced public policy debate on the statutory regulation of retail banking and consumer debt in the United States and other countries. A frequently invited expert before U.S. Congressional committees, in January 2007 Dr. Manning testified at the Senate Banking committee’s hearing on “Examining the Billing, Marketing, and Disclosure Practices of the Credit Card Industry and Their Impact on Consumers.” He has also served as an expert witness in numerous class-action lawsuits against the credit card industry.

A documentary based on his research, “In Debt We Trust: America Before the Bubble Bursts,” was released in March 2007. Dr. Manning’s popular web site Credit Card Nation includes research, public policy analyses and educational programs.

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