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1. We are in the process of setting up some training at our local union hall. We would like to do a class on Behavior Based Safety as a way to inform our members as to what BBS safety really is. This would be a good time during this Lockout to get our members well educated for when we go back into the workplace .We are still working out the details but it would most likely be an 8 hour course, compiling with any EI requirements … (full text EDUCATION TRAINING UPDATE).

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Address: Local 1005, 350 Kenilworth Avenue North, Hamilton ON L8H 4T3, Canada;
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Steel Industry News /No end in sight to 6-month U.S. Steel lockout:

  • For 181 long, empty days, the men and women who used to make steel at the former Stelco plants have been walking a picket line with no end in sight for the bitter dispute.
  • Today marks six months since U.S. Steel locked the gates of the former Stelco plant to back its demands for sweeping changes to its pension plans.
  • Since that angry November evening, the confrontation has settled into a dull grind – workers walk in endless circles under the unblinking eye of the new security cameras the company has installed at its Wilcox Street main gate … (more on the spec.com).

Vigorous May Day Actions Across the Country and Around the World:

  • May Day on Parliament Hill — Workers Pledge to Fight for a New Direction for the Economy and to Hold Governments to Account
  • On the eve of a federal election, some 2,500 workers and their allies from Ontario and even parts of Quebec responded to the call of United Steelworkers Local 1005 to demand a new direction for the economy and vow that no matter what government is established after the election it must do its duty by upholding public right, not monopoly right.
  • Workers who assembled before the seat of Canadian power represented the entire socialized economy — both public and private, industrial and commercial. They were greeted by the music of well-known local musician Kevin Dooley and Friends playing traditional Irish music and working class songs. In a profound gesture symbolizing the common interests of the First Nations and workers, the rally was opened with a traditional Six Nations welcome by two Mohawk youth. Gary Howe, Vice-President of USW Local 1005 emceed the event which started with USW Local 1005 retiree Bill Mahoney reciting the poem May Day … (more on cpcml.ca).

Caught in cross-border crossfire: … (full long text Steel Industry News).

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