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rangshala.com is a platform for everyone interested in theatre & performing arts by sharing information about the plays, theatre shows, workshops, theatre groups, auditoriums, children’s theatre, puppets, social theatre & more … (about 1/2).

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About: The Genesis – Birth of rangshala.com, New Delhi, India:

  • Traditional forms of expression are not being accorded their due place in today’s fast changing pace of time. Moreover, though a few resources exist offline and surprisingly none online to access information complementing the wide area of theater and performing arts.
  • A need for the above encourages a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about theatre and convinced about its relevance in contemporary times to create a hub called ‘rangshala’.
  • Rangshala is a hindi word made from the fusion of two different words: ‘rang + shala’ means a place for colours and creativity in life. Theatre or Theater also called drama, dramatics, play means NATAK in Hindi.
  • Rangshala is a group initiated to provide a platform for everyone who is interested in performing arts and natak’s by bringing together the Delhi community and sharing information about theatre shows, training & workshops, theatre groups, auditoriums, theatre-in-education, social theatre in India, volunteers, educational institutions, career etc. through offline and online modes like SMS, E-mail & Online Shopping.


  • To take performing arts to the masses and promote theatre as an art form.
  • To explore & tap the usage of various resources like puppets, books, internet or media in performing arts.
  • To study, experiment with media forms and dynamics of communication and impart skills training.
  • To promote role of theatre as a means of expression, communication and reflection on social problems in India.
  • To conduct research, organize training and provide information & consultancy.
  • To take theatre from a specific local context to the global arena through traditional as well as contemporary methods.

Alarippu means blossoming, (the group) was established in 1983. The group’s activities have been spread all over India. Generally, it has been focussing on amateur theatre, youth women and folk theatre. Since 1988 the group has been working with children too, in and out of schools.

It believes that creativity too is not only inherent in every child or individual but it is also one of the ways to expand and express one’s self and experience. It tries to create the space and atmosphere, which makes an exploration possible.

While working with children, Alarippu has experimented with creative drama, poetry, songs, art and clay work, photography and story making, writing and telling. Theatre workshops for children and teachers have been an important activity of the group.

… (full text).

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