Global Network for Good Governance

Hereafter some excerpts of a website about good governance:

During the past few years, the promotion of good governance and the need to eradicate corruption have attracted unprecedented worldwide attention … human rights, good

governance, democracy, sustainable development and the alleviation of poverty are interwoven and center on the welfare of mankind … Good governance – certainly in developing countries – is about the ability of governments to develop efficient, effective and open management of public enterprises, in order to foster sustainable development. Good governance is officially prescribed by the United Nations, the EU, the World Bank, the UN Development Program, the International Monetary Fund and other inter-governmental bodies. International, national and regional non-governmental organizations have also endorsed its ideals. Unfortunately, in opposition to it is the universal monster known as corruption … Corruption is the major obstacle to socio-economic and political development … This is the background against which the Global Network for Good Governance came into being …

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