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1) Ragamala, Connecting Communities with the Arts of South Asia: Ragamala strives to advance the traditional performing arts of South Asia through exceptional programming … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: Our Goals: In order to fulfill our mission of bringing exceptional artistic programming to the Puget Sound, Ragamala has set certain benchmarks of organizational excellence. We intend to:

  • Present at least 8 recitals and concerts a year of traditional music, dance and arts from South Asia;
  • Continue to support the organization of UTSAV, Seattle’s annual festival of the performing arts of South Asia;
  • Forge ongoing partnerships with complementary organizations in our community;
  • Maintain and expand outreach initiatives, including offerings of workshops, lecture demonstrations, radio interviews, special programming for children and pre- and post-concert discussion sessions.

Volunteering for Ragamala: Ragamala is an all volunteer organization and welcomes individuals interested in volunteering for Ragamala. Our volunteer meetings occur on the 1st Sunday of every month (except for holiday weekends), and are open to all. To attend a meeting or to find out more about volunteering for Ragamala, please send us e-mail.

More About Us: Ragamala is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that has brought the best in South Asian performing arts to the Puget Sound region since 1981. We seek to foster understanding and appreciation of these art forms through our activities … (full text).

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2) Alarippu : The Alarippu, which means “flowerbud” in Tamil, is traditionally the first full dance piece that most Bharatanatyam dancers learn. It symbolizes the awakening of the dancer. It begins with the dancer simply moving her eyes, then her head, then slowly it “awakens” different parts of the body, like the hands and finally the feet. This piece gets rhythmically faster and faster until the climax where the dancer moves all of her body very fast. It is generally seen in the beginning of the barathanatya pieces after the Ganesha Kauvatvam or the Pushpanjali. This dance is set to 3/4 time music and is often accompanied by a drummer and a verbal percussionist. (wikipedia).


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3) Ragavani, Ragamala’s Journal of South Asian Music and Dance: We have just completed a very prolific first year! We published 11 scholarly articles/papers, 7 interviews, 10 concert reviews of classical music and dance performances, and 2 book reviews. With 30 new articles spread over three issues, we have much to celebrate! Our lives have been enriched by the scholarship, thoughts and opinions of contributors from various parts of the world – academics, performing artists, teachers and students – who gave of their time and energy freely and cheerfully. We thank them all … (full text of Homepage).

Book reviews;
Concert Reviews;
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Addr4ess: Editor, Ragavani Journal, c/o Ragamala, P.O. Box 27851, Seattle, WA 98165, USA;

No about, but FAQ:

  • 1. What is Ragavani? -Ragavani is Ragamala’s online journal of Indian Music and Dance. It will also include articles of interest within the general sphere of South Asian Performing Arts;
  • 2. What is Ragamala? – Ragamala is a community based non-profit (501c3) organization that has been bringing exceptional South Asian performing arts programming to the Seattle area for over 25 years now. For more on Ragamala, including upcoming concerts and community outreach events, please visit Ragamala.org;
  • 3. How can I contribute to Ragavani? – If you are a practitioner, researcher or otherwise seriously interested in the performing arts of the Indian sub-continent, we’d like to hear from you! Please write to editor@ragavani.org and we will send you guidelines on article size and format;
  • 4. How can I support Ragavani? – Ragavani is a free journal run by a community based volunteer group as part of Ragamala. You can mail a check to: Ragamala P.O. Box 27851, Seattle, WA 98165.

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