Restoration Advisory Board RAB

Linked with Nilda Medina-Diaz – Puerto Rico.

RAB is:

  • Established in 1996
  • Purpose: Community Awareness, Public Participation, Information Exchange and Stakeholder Involvement
  • Foster Community / Government Partnership
  • Diverse Membership Representing a Variety of Positions

Most sites have the same URL (with links from the Homepage): Homepage, Mission Statement, Membership, Calendar, Meeting Minutes, Links, Contacts.

Community Relations Plan;
restauration sites;
Public Health Assessment, 153 pages;
About, in form of a book with its many chapters.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) is to promote awareness and obtain constructive community review and comment on environmental clean-up and restoration actions of the Installation Restoration (IR) Program underway at the Naval Station Newport (NAVSTA). The RAB will serve as a key mechanism to disseminate information about the IR Program and to ensure that various concerns about environmental restoration from the diverse interests within the community are heard. The RAB acts as a forum to discuss, exchange, and disseminate information regarding cleanup between NAVSTA, regulatory agencies, and the community, and it acts to foster partnership among the community and government. It provides an opportunity for the public to participate in the NAVSTA cleanup process and to provide input to decision makers. All RAB meetings will be open to the public. NAVSTA has developed a Community Relations Plan that outlines the community involvement program. The RAB supplements the community involvement effort. This Mission Statement and Operating Procedures will be included in the next update of the Community Relations Plan, which is available at the public information repositories located at the Newport Public Library, the Middletown Free Library, and the Portsmouth Free Public Library Association.

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