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  • SheltersForWomen.org is dedicated to providing free information for women in need. The online housing database consists of over 3,000 listings and includes homeless shelters, transitional housing, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. We are dedicated to helping the homeless and low-income persons find the shelter they need … (full text about).
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Schelters: for Families; for Homeless; for Youth; for Women, community outreach programs for women;
REHAB Centers – Drug and Alcohol Rehabs at the Salvation Army; Domestic Violence … /and women; /and Psy of Abuser; /and Rape; /and Hurts;
Contacts: go to Paths to Wellness and choose your (US-) State.

Violence Begins at Home (Author: Navneet Brar): Most of you reading this statement, ‘violence begins at home’, would be shocked.

But this is one unbelievable fact. No matter how hard you try to overlook this statement, it will still remain the forbidden truth. Whether you accept it or not that solely depends on your opinion. In each and every household, you must have seen that the superior member of the household the inferior member is either physically or mentally assaulted. And the victims that are being assaulted are the female.

When we see a person in an abusive relationship struggling hard to put up with the abuser, the first thing we ask is why did you stay for so long? Or why don’t you leave the relationship and move on? The first thing is if you have been brought up in an abusive home and have seen abusing as the daily norms than how would you know the difference between an abusive relationship and a healthy relationship. According to statistics, about 82% of children each year witness violence at home.

This tends to have an adverse effect on the young minds which is likely to be 15% more abusive when they grow up. Relationships do not always begin with abusive. If you ask any of the victims of their relationship started, they would recount it as memorable moment. Physical violence is not necessarily the only violence; even calling names belittling you etc are also violence as it lowers your self esteem. Domestic violence in particular is responsible for the majority of deaths.

In the year 2000, about 5, 20,000 died in the act of interpersonal violence. Such is the toll of violence that in the US domestic violence accounts a quarter of the crime that is being committed every year. In an abusive relationship, 1 in every 2 women is being killed by their partner. As many as 69% of women in some countries are being assaulted by their partners in their lifetime. According to records somewhere in the world one person commits suicide every 40 seconds.

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