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Project Management is an important competence that can help development organizations do the right projects and do the projects right. Increased quality, better accountability and a greater impact are some of the benefits of using modern project management methodologies. in development organizations … (full text Frontpage).

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About (on the Homepage): PM for Development Organisations: PM4DEV was created to provide with expert project management consulting and training services based on a methodology customized to the challenges of development projects. Our objective is to serve the needs of our global development community by providing the tools and processes to plan, implement, and monitor projects in a more consistent, reliable and predictable manner.

Our methodology is based on a project management cycle that incorporates all the processes, tools and practices to effectively manage projects of all sizes. A project management methodology can help development organizations meet their strategic goals by standardizing processes, reducing risks, and avoiding duplication of efforts that will ultimately increase the impact of their interventions. We believe that organizations that systematically apply project management methodologies can ensure that donor, organizational and beneficiary resources are used in the most efficient, and effective manner; and that will increase their chances of meeting the needs of the beneficiaries.

Management For Development Series: In this course, we cover the fundamentals of project management for development organizations. The course provides a quick overview of the project management cycle and the project management processes, with particular attention to the new role a project manager needs to play, as well as the skills required to successfully run a project … (full long text).

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