Taiwan International Workers’ Association TIWA

a website with each page mainly in chinese and short texts in english

The main goals of TIWA (the Taiwan International Workers’ Association)are to promote cooperation between migrant and local workers, to improve the working conditions and social environment for migrant workers in Taiwan, and to increase workers’ rights and benefits. Taiwan began implementing a guest worker program in 1989. There are currently over 300,000 migrant workers in Taiwan, mostly from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Not only have they contributed their labor, but they have become a unique part of Taiwan’s vibrant society and cultural life. (About).

Network; International Solidarity; Archives; A Chinese only page;

TIWA named on other websites: 

on Dcember18: Address: TIWA, 3F, No. 53-6, Sec.3, Zhongshan N. Road, 104, Taipei, Taiwan;

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on Taipei Times: Foreign workers rally for religion;

on View from Taiwan: TIWA’s Photo Book;

Many more by Google Web-search.

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