Community Development Resource Association

Centre for developmental practice

We are a non-governmental organisation from Cape Town, South Africa. We work with development practitioners, organisations and movements who are engaged in social transformation with marginalised communities.

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About: … The establishment of a Centre for Developmental Practice indicates an intention to share the work of CDRA more widely, to attempt to disseminate and promote its approach to the benefit of a wider group of people – both practitioners and organisations. By forming ourselves into a Centre for Developmental Practice we are bringing to the sector a resource to help practitioners and organisations develop their practice, nurturing in them a developmental, and therefore transformational, way of understanding the world and intervening in it.

… Our Mission Statement:

  • The Community Development Resource Association is a non-governmental African organisation advancing conscious and continuous learning about development processes and the art of intervention. We aim to help bring about and support authentic and coherent development practice amongst people, organisations and institutions working towards those forms of social transformation that most benefit the poor and marginalised.
  • We do this through organisational interventions, training, accompanied learning and collaborative explorations. Out of active reflection on our experience, and through writing and disseminating, we share our insights and lessons gained, seeking to impact on wider development thinking and processes. Our work strives towards a just and civil society; a society in which more people have access to resources and power over choices.
  • Our work is underpinned and informed by a commitment to enabling individuals, organisations and institutions to challenge socially restricting paradigms and practices. We strive to bring to birth new consciousness, creativity and strength in ourselves, and in those with whom we work, thus facilitating our collective development towards a more human, purposeful and conscious future. We are committed to accompanying these individuals, organisations and institutions through their crises of growth and development towards healthy interdependence.

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