Cultivating Emotional Balance

Santa Barbara Institute SBI for Consciousness Studies successfully held the first five-week Cultivating Emotional Balance Teachers’ Training (CEBTT) in June 26 – July 31, 2011, 2010 in(CEBTT) in Phuket, Thailand, taught by Dr. Paul Ekman and Dr. B. Alan Wallace. Since that time, members of this group have themselves led a number of CEB trainings in Asia, Europe and the Americas, with many more planned for the future … (Teacher Training /CEBTT 1/2).

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Teacher Training /CEBTT 2/2: … Those who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate allowing them to teach CEB.

This training is intended to empower people to apply CEB as an educational tool in multiple venues, including hospitals, schools, and businesses, bringing enhanced emotional health and mental stability to participants. One may also take the class for personal edification with no particular plans to teach, but only a desire to apply the training to oneself and one’s relationships.

2011 Summer CEB Training

The second 5-Week Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher Training will take place from June 26 – July 31st, 2011 at the Phuket International Academy Mind Centre. The training will be taught by B. Alan Wallace, Eve Ekman, and Malcolm Huxter with Paul Ekman available on the first day via video conferencing since poor health prevents him from travel. The training will focus on learning the theories and practices of psychology regarding emotional balance, as taught by Dr. Paul Ekman and the relevant theories and practices of Buddhism, taught by Dr. Alan Wallace, particularly focused on the cultivation of attention, insight through the practice of mindfulness, and the qualities of loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity (the Four Immeasurables). The format will consist of a combination of lectures, meditation, and discussion. Dr. Ekman will be in available on the first day via video conferencing since poor health prevents him from travel, then his daughter Eve Ekman will lead the training for the next five weeks. Malcolm Huxter will facilitate the contemplative aspects of the retreat during the first two week period, and Dr. Wallace will be in residence for the last three weeks.


It is highly recommended that applicants have a background in psychology, social work or education, and/or experience in meditation, preferably both. One also needs strong motivation to enhance skills which will allow one to help others lead a more balanced, peaceful and productive life.

How to Apply

The cost of this training is $4,065.00 for a single room and $2880 for a shared, double room. The price includes all teaching, housing, and meals in Phuket. Travel expenses are not included. If you would like an application for the Cultivating Emotional Balance six-week teacher training course, please email ksnow@sbinstitute with CEB Teacher Training in the subject line. If you wish to be considered for Priority Placement, please return your application by Dec 26, 2010. After the applications have been received, they will go through a vetting process, and the applicants who qualify for Priority Placement will be notified by Jan 15, 2011 if they are accepted to the program, put on the waiting list, or are not eligible to attend this particular retreat. Since there is very limited space, we regret that we will not be able to accept as many people as we would like.


Dr. Paul Ekman, a psychologist, has been a pioneer in the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions. He is considered to be one of the most eminent psychologists of the twentieth century. The character Cal Lightman of the television series “Lie to Me” is loosely based on him and his work.

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