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Blogpac funds progressive leadership and experiments with injecting new voices in the political process using internet activism. We give grants, no strings attached, to activists on the internet who have a demonstrated record of success in either creating progressive change or creating the space for progressives to make change. We also seek moments to inject progressive power into the political system through focused internet and new media activism, (about 1/2).

Blogpac grants money to two sets of emerging leaders.

  • 1) Activists who have created change outside of a traditional party or campaign structure.
  • 2) Local bloggers that build community spaces for activists in their state.

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Address: Blogpac, P.O. Box 30727, Philadelphia, PA 19104;
Contact: by e-mail, online.

About 2/2: Who We Are: Matt Stoller is the President of Blogpac. Formerly blogging with MyDD, he now incites the masses and offers strategic advice to the Democrats from his perch at OpenLeft. In 2005, he worked as the blogger for Jon Corzine for Governor, and for Simon Rosenberg for DNC Chair. He has been blogging since 2002 and has since become a caricature of himself.

Chris Bowers is the Treasurer of Blogpac, and another MyDD alumnus who writes at OpenLeft. He forecasts elections, writes about political strategy from a non-policy based perspective, and focuses on building the progressive movement. He also ran for and won a seat on the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee, so when you complain about the Democratic Party, you’re complaining about him!

Mike Stark is the Activist Director of Blogpac. He ran the well-respected site Calling All Wingnuts, and led a sustained campaign to call right-wing talk radio hosts and call them out for dishonesty on the air. Stark is an expert in guerrilla activism on the internet, and was proudly beaten up by George Allen’s campaign in 2006. George Allen is no longer in the US Senate.

Natasha Chart is Blogpac’s Organizer, a title that would shock her mother (”If I have to tell you to put that book down and clean your room one more time …”) She’s been blogging since 2002, mostly at PacificViews. She proudly startled Bob Novak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and was responsible for getting Amb. Joseph Wilson’s “frog march” comment its first public airing.

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