The Hindu caste system has been called a “hidden apartheid” and the single greatest existing social evil. But outside of the subcontinent few people know much about it, even among leftists … (Homepage 1/2).

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Dalits & Human Rights: The Battles Ahead, By P. Sainath.

About (Homepage 2/2):
Some 250 million people around the world were born untouchable. They live throughout South Asia, as well as in Japan and parts of West Africa. Over 160 million of them are in India, where they make up more than one-sixth of the population, and where over 580 million more people belong to other oppressed castes and tribes.

The purpose of this site is to share our ideas and research. Our perspective is Marxist. It will take a socialist revolution to create the material basis for abolishing the caste system. And only a party that openly fights against caste oppression can lead the workers of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka to power.

We are not that party, or any kind of organization.

This site is run by Sujatha and Alan. Sujatha grew up in an untouchable family in Andhra Pradesh.
See also: Sujatha’s multi-generational family narrative;

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