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Helping society move towards a socially just and environmentally restorative existence

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The Natural Capital Institute serves the people who are transforming the world. We are a team of researchers, teachers, students, activists, scholars, writers, social entrepreneurs, artists, and volunteers committed to the restoration of the earth and the healing of human culture. We do two things: we describe pathways of change in books and research reports, and we create tools for connecting the individuals, information, and organizations that create change … (Homepage).

Who we are: Current Interns, Board Members and Staff;
Our History;
WiserEarth Partners;
WISER Platform;
Newsletter: Please drop a note to NCI’s outreach coordinator Melinda Kramer;
Address: Natural Capital Institute, 3 Gate Five Road, Suite A, Sausalito, California 94965;
Contact. Tel: 415.331.6241, Fax: 415.331.6242, e-mail.

(About)/WISER Guidelines:

  • Community: WISER is owned and operated by its community. Content is free of copyright; all software is open source; all information can be repurposed and used by others.
  • Collaboration: WISER shares information across geography, culture, and language. By working together, we become more intelligent and humane in our practices and more effective in our use of resources.
  • Diversity: WISER is based on respect for the uniqueness of human life and embraces all dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, and religion. The earth and the lives of our children will not be saved in a divided house.
  • Transparency: WISER is open and subject to full public scrutiny at all times.
  • Networking: WISER promotes and provides better connectivity between individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments. It will operate on all bandwidths and in most languages.
  • Visibility: WISER allows the invisible to become known, the small to become seen, and the network to be mapped.


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