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tracking the fight to head the fund – Linked on our blogs with Alternative Candidate Nominated: Aurélie Trouvé, and with Soutenez la première candidature altermondi aliste à la tête du FMI.

  • gives you up-to-date information, press coverage, insider info, civil society and official reactions to the IMF leadership process.
  • We are calling for an end to the European heads of state’s* stranglehold on the post and for the IMF to stay true to their 2009 commitment to “adopt an open, merit-based and transparent process for the selection of IMF management”.
  • Following in the footsteps of we hope to create a hub for discussion and debate on IMF governance, the selection process and the pros and cons of potential candidates. (about).

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That’s all bla-bla for this blog!

… (My comment: the rest we all together have to work it out … *you guess that non-European heads of state’s would do better??? I guess we should crash the IMF and co, stop the elite’s behavior and re-think the whole since the beginning … yes. The sooner we stop all this mess, the better we will recover …  but then for the sake of ALL humans. There is no other chance to save it. Heidi).

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