Google’s Knol will change Content forever

Community site for Google’s new Knol Content Encyclopedia … is a brand new social netwoking community for Google’s Open Encyclopedia. This is a Community to discuss and learn about “Knol” and take advantage of what Google is offering. This site also supports the new Google OpenSocial Platform. Share with others updates and insights about Knol. Meet new people and network. (Homepage 1/2).

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Google Knol is Open to the Public (Homepage 2/2):
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Google Blog 7/23/2008: A few months ago we announced that we were testing a new product called Knol. Knols are authoritative articles about specific topics, written by people who know about those subjects. Today, we’re making Knol available to everyone. Read more: … (full text).

The web contains vast amounts of information, but not everything worth knowing is on the web. An enormous amount of information resides in people’s heads: millions of people know useful things and billions more could benefit from that knowledge. Knol will encourage these people to contribute their knowledge online and make it accessible to everyone.

Links about Knol:

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the video: Jimmy Wales on Google’s Knol, 3.58 min, Jul 24, 2008;

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