Great Transition Initiative GTI

We are a global network elaborating visions and pathways for a future of enriched lives, human solidarity and a healthy planet. Even as environmental and social crises threaten the future of humanity and the earth, we believe a Great Transition is still possible if citizens around the world awaken and respond … (about 1/2).
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Address: GTI Coordinating Unit, Tellus Institute, 11 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116-3411, USA;

About 2/2 … COORDINATING UNIT: Coordination of GTI is hosted by the Tellus Institute. 

Paul Raskin is the Director, Orion Kriegman is GTI Coordinator, and Tariq Banuri and Allen White are Senior Advisers. Dr. Raskin is founding director of the Tellus Institute and the Global Scenario Group; Dr. Banuri founded the Sustainable Development Policy Institute in Pakistan and SEI-Asia in Bangkok and now serves at the UN as Director of the Division for Sustainable Development/CSD Secretariat; Dr. White co-founded the Global Reporting Initiative and Corporation 2020; Mr. Kriegman holds a degree from the Kennedy School of Government and has organized international civil society networks.


GTI’s network engages hundreds of scholars and activists across the planet bringing international experience from across disciplines on every relevant issue. They share a commitment to weaving these strands into a common vision, contributing to the substantive enrichment of the scenarios and providing channels for disseminating GTI ideas.

New participants are welcomed with the aims of broadening our collective diversity, experience and expertise, and reaching new audiences. People participate as individuals, not as representatives of organizations. To learn more about becoming a GTI participant, click here.


GTI’s direct antecedent was the Global Scenario Group (GSG), an international group convened in 1995 by Tellus Institute and the Stockholm Environment Institute to examine the requirements for a sustainable and desirable future. Numerous international, regional, and national vision studies have relied on its comprehensive and detailed scenarios, such as the United Nations Environment Programme’s Global Environmental Outlook series. UNEP, the Nippon Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation provided major funding for this effort.

GSG’s culminating essay, Great Transition: The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead, brought a message that resonated with thousands the world over. The moment had arrived for the energy and experience of the GSG to flow into an expanded effort, and GTI was launched in June 2003.

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