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Career Innovation (Ci) develops research-based solutions that increase levels of performance and engagement at work. Our global research & development activities are funded by top employers, who collaborate to solve emerging challenges and gain recognition as inspiring places to work. Our career tools also help individuals find more fulfilling work – not just by changing jobs or companies, but also by taking a fresh approach to their current work that increases their satisfaction and contribution. In short, our goal is to help make work more inspiring. (Homepage).

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Address: The Career Innovation Company, 27 Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HU, United Kingdom;

About: Career Innovation is a small, visionary, networked research and technology business. Ci is based in Oxford, UK and works with clients and member companies across Europe and the United States.

Our Team: The Ci Team draw on a wide range of experts, academics, consultants and practitioners in Europe and the US.

Our Vision: Career Innovation exists to help people to unlock their potential, create meaningful work and build inspiring companies. Our vision is to see people living more fulfilled lives, and making a greater contribution to their workplace and community.

This can only be achieved if organisations and talented individuals agree a “career partnership” that helps them both succeed. Using the latest technology, we conduct research to understand what motivates people around the world. Then we help organisations to create inspiring work, and individuals to navigate their career.

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