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The goal of mindfully.org is to provide useful information to people who would not obtain this information otherwise. Mindfully.org is to be used as a nonprofit research tool. Our opinion is indeed biased — because it seems to us that the “balanced news” of today’s journalism is accomplished by blending fact with fiction. Each article on this website is far from the final word on any subject and one can only get an overall view by viewing a lot of it. In other words, don’t base your opinions on one file or even a few files from Mindfully.org. As for our political affiliaout 1/2tion, we have none — not conservative or liberal … (full text, 1/2).

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About 2/2: … We see liberals and progressives as kind-hearted conservatives who can only add to the downward spiral of society in the US. We live in a world of contradictions where conservatives are willing to bring on Armageddon and liberals resist change at all costs. In other words, conservatives are liberal and liberals are conservative.

Considering what this county has done to Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places in the past few years, it will take many generations before the dignity and purpose of this nation returns. The USA had previously been synonymous with freedom — at least with people who could overlook its annihilation of Native Americans and the brutal kidnapping and commodification through slavery of hundreds of thousands of African-Americans. To those people who could overlook such history, it had seemed a force of good — the myth of America. But, hark, the beast still lives! And, we might add, it still thinks it can get away with its vile acts.

One would have to live cloistered away in a basement, totally hidden from any sense of reality to hold onto that old view of Truth, Justice and The American Way. The illusion is gone and only the debt remains. It seems today that the US can do no good. The blame for this mess goes directly on those at top levels — from the president down.

A significant number of soldiers are screaming that something is terribly wrong with the leadership and judgement of those who pushed us into this war — the false reasons for starting it; the slipshod manner in which it was begun; the lack of support for those on the ground; and the lies to the soldiers; not to mention the broken promises that Iraqis have suffered. And we at home are lied to when we are told that the US has “turned this war around.” While hostilities have reduced, it is quite far from being turned around … (full long text).

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