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  • Words that Count: Positive Futures is a charity that supports people with a learning disability.  When you click into our web site you’ll find out what we do, but I’d like to welcome you with 6 words that really matter to us. These words are important because they capture the spirit of Positive Futures and connect us and the people we support with you and the world at large … (about 1/2 /Agnes Lunny, OBE, Chief Executive).
  • Yes Magazine: this quarterly magazine is the flagship of the Positive Futures Network’s publications, dedicated to supporting people’s active engagement in creating a just, sustainable, and compassionate world.

Services; Jobs; Volunteering; Publications (exemple: Lifelines-Report, 77 pdf-pages); News, Events;
Map; Address: Positive Futures.net, Head Office, 2b Park Drive, Bangor (Belfast), BT20 4JZ, UK;

About 2/2
… /People: We’re all different and like to be recognised as individuals. Sadly, people with a learning disability often don’t get the consideration that most of us expect. 

We’re working to change this with the help of all sorts of people, but we know that changing attitudes starts at our own door. That’s why we value and support people as individuals and why we’ll treat you with respect when you come into contact with Positive Futures.


People and respect make successful partnerships. Our services depend on formal and informal partnerships. We work by developing new services, proving that they work and gaining the trust and long term support of partners.


Partnership brings opportunity. With the right kind of support, people with a learning disability can live ‘ordinary  lives’ and do ‘ordinary things’ in their own communities. We also work hard to provide our employees with the opportunity to progress and develop a career with Positive Futures.


Opportunities emerge when people are involved in what’s happening. People with a learning disability and our employees have a big say on the way Positive Futures works and develops. The services we provide are ‘tailor made’ for particular individuals and we can only get it right with the help of the people we support, their families and friends.


Involvement should lead to inclusion. For people with a learning disability, helping to shape individual organisations and being involved in decisions that affect their lives is a stepping stone to inclusion in society as a whole.  Progress has been made, but there’s a long way to go.


Inclusion means equality. Despite legislation, people with a learning disability aren’t treated as equal citizens. We know that people with a learning disability can achieve a lot and we encourage them to take the initiative and change society’s attitudes by living in the community, speaking for themselves and standing up for their rights.

We make these 6 words count by putting them into action. Our support services are community-based and founded upon ‘common sense’ approaches, but they’re positive and important, as extraordinary things can and do happen when people with a learning disability have the opportunity to do ordinary things.

If you want to find out more about Positive Futures, or want to support us, please contact us.

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