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Linked with Sinuan – Laos, Akha tribe;

The two of us have been living in Laos since 2002 with the goal of improving the lives of the Lao Children through healthcare and education. We are living in Muang Sing District in the Luang Nam Tha Province in a village surrounded by many Akha and other ethnic villages … (about 1/2).

The Akha Photogallery;
Address: Health Frontiers, Vientiane, LAO PEOPLE’S DEM REP;

Pages of two websites linked with Akha.net:
International Opportunity for Pediatrician or Med-Peds Physician;
The Photogallery of Bryan Watt;
(another) Akha Network’s Homepage;
Virtual Borders, an ambient TV.net and its downloads by Mukul’s Homepage;
The virtual Hilltribe Museum;
The Akha on wikipedia.

About Akha.net 2/2: … I am a humanitarian photographer and my wife is a pediatrician with a masters in public health and a diploma in tropical medicine. She attended Don Dok, the National University of Lao to study the language.

In addition to the direct help we offer the children and their families in these villages, we are working to improve the health care of all the Lao Children through our work with Health Frontiers helping to coordinate continuing education for the Lao Pediatricians.

Please visit BRYAN WATT/about, Photographer for more information about us: … Bryan believes a socially responsible photographer leaves with a part of the soul; and in return must give by helping those in need. Bryan helps to arrange medical care at the local level, provincial level, and national level. and has even helped Lao children to travel overseas for heart surgery and facial-reconstructive surgery. Bryan donates all the proceeds from his photography to the Bryan and Leila’s Lao Children’s Fund.

Bryan and his wife Leila Srour, a pediatrician have been living in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) since 2002 … (full text).

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