World Economy & Development in brief

european briefings on globalisation, north-south relations and international ecology

World Economy & Development in brief:

  • is a high-quality information service on globalisation, North-South relations, and international ecology
  • is the English online edition of the german Informationsbrief Weltwirtschaft & Entwicklung (World Economy & Development – W&E)
  • is published bi-monthly (with 6 issues online per year); additional articles appear from time to time on our website
  • offers concise and pointed analysis, in-depth news and research-based information on international development and environmental affairs … (about 1/2 /Mission Statement).

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Address /Publisher: Rainer Falk, 98, avenue du X Septembre, L-2550 Luxembourg;
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About /Mission Statement 2/2: … World Economy & Development in brief:

  • presents the European perspective on international civil society developments
  • provides a platform for emerging alternatives to mainstream thinking North and South
  • has strong links to international NGOs, research, and media institutions
  • supports international advocacy and campaigning vis-à-vis decision makers in national and international politics
  • documents relevant trends in civil society organisations and social movements world-wide.

World Economy & Development In Brief is an independent platform for civil society organisations (CSOs), North-South and environmental policy initiatives. It is published by the founder of the German NGO WEED and the long-standing editor of World Economy & Development, Rainer Falk, Luxembourg, in co-operation with an international network of scientists, on-the-ground specialists and experts.

What we offer:

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Our website

We have two website addresses: and The first one is just our name. The second one is not only a short and convenient abbreviation. It is published through the new European internet domain “.eu” – the European counterpart to the US dominated domains “.org” and “.com”.

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