Eva Organization for Women E.O.W.

Empowering, providing informational guidance, support, advice, sign posting and raising awareness to public & personal health, education, society justices, job search & training and development programmes are our core objectives and our way to improve our client’s lives through a variety of methods and programmes; liaising with our clients and/or any third parties as required … (full text our Values).

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Address: Eva Organization for Women E.O.W., 294 Victoria Road East, Leicester, LE5 0LF, UK;

Objectives: To target women and young girls, and provide help and support to them regarding the issues that matter  most to them, such as excelling educationally, acquiring and maintaining physical and mental well-being, becoming more ‘politically aware’ citizens and becoming socially and economically advanced within their communities. 

To focus on the developmental issues of women by caring, supporting, encouraging, enlightening and helping their empowerment, regardless of their race, marital status, ethnicity, nationality, religion, creed or political affiliations.

To create awareness on the importance of educating young girls, fostering adult literacy education and introducing information technology by improving computer literacy.

To encourage the ‘failed scholars’ (especially young mothers) to return to education programmes and/or to integrate them into employment.
To promote the idea that progress in education doesn’t necessarily mean that women will abandon the family  and cultural values since an educated woman can be seen as a threat in some communities.

To promote integrations, and social cohesion, and also to create equality for all women and young girls, and to focus on forming a united national and international voice to ensure and increase diversity.

To empower women and young girls to enter to the higher education especially in the fields of Sciences, Technology, Engineering (Mechatronics engineering: mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, computer engineering, control engineering and systems design engineering) and other educational areas where women are under represented.

To provide information guidelines, courses, seminars, workshops, talks and assistance on the following issues: educational opportunities, job search and training, social justice, development programmes and to raise public and personal health awareness. This will be achieved, through a variety of methods and programmes.

Learn to know, to do, to live together and to be.

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