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TAX HAVENS CAUSE POVERTY: The Tax Justice Network promotes transparency in international finance and opposes secrecy. We support a level playing field on tax and we oppose loopholes and distortions in tax and regulation, and the abuses that flow from them. We promote tax compliance and we oppose tax evasion, tax avoidance, and all the mechanisms that enable owners and controllers of wealth to escape their responsibilities to the societies on which they and their wealth depend. Tax havens lie at the centre of our concerns, and we oppose them … (full text, Homepage 1/2).

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Homepage 2/2: … Take a look at our core themes: 

  • We support sustainable finance for development;
  • We support international co-operation on tax, regulation and crime;
  • We oppose tax havens and offshore finance;
  • We support transparency and we oppose corruption;
  • We support a level playing field in competitive markets;
  • We support progressive and equitable taxation;
  • We support corporate responsibility and accountability;
  • We support tax compliance and a culture of responsbility.

These issues affect rich and poor countries, and, like the fight against corruption, our approach does not fit easily into either of the old political categories of left and right. We do not argue generally for high or low taxes (that is for voters to decide) but we note the often better human development outcomes in higher-tax countries and oppose the demonisation of tax that is fashionable in some circles. What we do support is progressive and equitable taxation, which is what voters around the world have chosen. We wish to see nations’ sovereignty restored, so that electorates are given back the power to get the tax systems they vote for. To this end we advocate much stronger co-operation between states on tax and regulation.  For more details, see “Resources,” to the left of this page.

Who are we? … (full text).

About Tax Justice Network: TJN is an independent organisation dedicated to high-level research, analysis and advocacy in the field of tax and regulation. We work to map, analyse and explain the role of taxation and the harmful impacts of tax evasion, tax avoidance, tax competition and tax havens. Our objective is to encourage  reform at the global and national  levels. We are not aligned to any political party. Our network includes: … (full text).

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