Village Academies

A network of college preparatory schools based in Harlem NY

Linked with Howard L. Fuller – USA.

Village Academies was founded on the belief that education can change the lives of our children – and can change the course of history. We are building a network of high quality, public charter schools in Harlem, New York. Harlem is the historical epicenter of our country’s civil rights movement, home to legendary activists and extraordinary leaders. Our generation must carry on the work of the civil rights movement – by ensuring that all children have equal access to quality education … (full text Homepage).

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Growth Plan (about): Above all else, Village Academies is passionate about providing the highest quality education for children in under-served communities.

The Village Academies growth strategy is to start new schools at a reasonable pace that enables us to maintain high standards of academic excellence and outstanding student achievement results. Over the long term, we aim to launch and build a network of college preparatory public schools in underserved communities. The Village Academies Network will recruit and train principals and teachers for new schools, and will continue to provide operational infrastructure, resources and educational supervision and support. As we operate our network of schools – focusing on instructional excellence and developing teacher skills above all else – we aim to build the leadership capacity and infrastructure that will provide a solid foundation for future growth.

Mission and History: … (full text).

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