developing systems, services and media for women and men to work together as equals in work, life and politics

You may already know us under the names Eyecatcher Associates, Shevolution, or Project Parity.  To recognise the increased interest in, and success of, our gender related activities, we have recently brought our gender work together in this website to share news and information.  In this site you will find links to partner organisations all over the world and exclusive access to articles and back-catalogues of work by Lesley Abdela. has been awarded a Studyweb Academic Excellence Award for its informative content … (full text About Us /who we are).

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Aims: Equal Opportunities is an issue of efficiency, not just social policy.  No organisation or country is working efficiently if it is not drawing on the full talents available to it.  

Barriers in any system which prevent women from progressing to the highest levels cause inefficiency and waste talent.  Successful organisations accelerate most quickly and efficiently if they draw on the whole pool of talent (male and female) rather than half the pool.

  • We offer solutions for organisations and governments to identify barriers in their systems and overcome them.  This builds more efficient processes for harnessing the talents of women and men working in partnership.
  • We have pioneered and developed our activities in the United Kingdom and overseas since 1980.
  • Why Should You Invest In Gender Training?

Good gender practice:

  • helps employers get the best out of male and female employees – drawing from a wider talent pool and keeping good staff longer.
  • improves your sales and the quality of your services through delivery of the most appropriate services and ways of communicating with female as well as male customers and clients.
  • helps organisations communicate with women more effectively.

If you don’t invest in Gender Training – you may count the cost:

  • losing out on extra female clients, readers, viewers, voters
  • projecting an old-fashioned public-image of your organisation
  • risking expensive sex discrimination legal cases
  • losing good staff prematurely
  • not attracting some of the best staff
  • not getting the most from the staff that you have

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