Center for the Protection of Children, Bishkek

Linked with Janusz Korczak alias Henryk Goldszmi – Poland (1877 – 1942), and with Janusz Korczak International News.

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1) On the Korczak friends in Kyrgystan. This is a non-government organisation working with street children in Bishkek. The main strategy is focussed on:

  • Lobbying for the protection of the rights of street children;
  • Working with the mass media to present fuller information and suggest solutions;
  • Allowing the children and the parents to be heard-by giving them a voice in civil society;
  • Providing basic services and developing alternatives;
  • The Centre has created a network of programs aimed at supporting these children in the basic aspects of their lives.

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2) On Trabant Trek: The Centre for the Protection of Children, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, by Dan Murdoch, October 16th, 2007:

  • AMONG the busy stalls and back alleys of Bishkek’s bazaars, one organisation is offering a way out for young children forced to abandon their education and work to survive.
  • The Centre for the Protection of Children (CPC) has spent the last nine years working with children living on Bishkek’s streets, or working instead of going to school.
  • The burgeoning charity, which has 35 staff on the pay-roll, is based in Astrahanskay Street, where it has classrooms, workshops, offices, a medical centre and dormitories that house 20 children who were previously living rough.
  • It also has premises in Osh Bazaar and Dordoy Bazaar, which have a regular programme of workshops, a daily meal and first aid facilities along with access to counselling and advice for both children and parents.
  • From these bases the CPC team run outreach programmes that meet working children in the bazaars and try to encourage them to return to school .

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