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Linked with Janusz Korczak alias Henryk Goldszmi – Poland (1877 – 1942), with the Center for the Protection of Children, Bishkek, and with JKB Korczak Prize in Burundi: Encouraging peace.

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Editorial: Welcome on this new site, intended to inform you better about the activity of the Janusz Korczak associations world-wide and the realisation of the international Korczak movement.

There are about twenty active associations around the world which are transmitting the legacy and ideas‚ of Dr. Janusz Korczak (1878-1942) so that the younger generation may profit from them and in order to continue his work as the precursor in the now universally recognised field of respect children and trecognition of the rights of the child. How do these associations emerge? What motivates them? How do they support children in their own countries?

This website will try to answer these questions and will also offer an opinion column and an open forum for all members and friends of Korczak who still recognise the ideas of the Old doctor in Warsaw today. That is what lies behind the creation of this website on the initiative of the Korczak associations of the Netherlands and of France … (full text).

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